Good Morning Life | July 16, 2017

Good Morning Life!

I am adequately prepared for whatever you have in store for me today! I am positive that I will be successful at anything I set my mind to do.

This weekend I had to go visit a very close friend in the hospital. He had a heart attack. He is ONLY 35 years old. It made me think. What would you give up, to have the life you truly want?

On a daily basis I see people sacrifice their health for immediate gratification. They want & expect instant results. Society is a spoiled brat! People walk around as if they are entitled to everything. Most of our children don’t even know what it means to sacrifice for anything! But we want the perfect life.

There is no such thing as a PERFECT life. We have to make sacrifices to be financially successful. That means cutting down on expenses & saving for what we want. We have to make sacrifices to be physically fit. That means eating the proper things to fuel our body & exercising daily. We have to make sacrifices for love. That means spending quality time, showing affection, putting their needs before your own!

When it boils down to it, the greater the sacrifice the greater the reward! To get what you want out of life takes time, sacrifice, & discipline. How much are you willing to sacrifice to get to where you want to be?

Be willing to make the necessary sacrifices

Be confident in Mondays! Wake up with the confidence to be GREAT today!

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