Essential Touch Massages by Candice Cane |Improving Your Life Via Touch

Owner of Essential Touch Massage, Candice Lowery aka Candi Cane has been a licensed massage therapist for over 11 years and counting.

She gives special care to her clients so each massage is custom never boring or routine.

She describes it as the art of massage so its always professional.

Candice prides herself on being reliable, mastering my craft, and unique gift!


Her massages are a grand treatment sure to leave you feeling relaxed and/or rejuvenated.

Check out her TUESDAY SPECIAL only $59 1hr Swedish with hot stones.

Find her on Social Media:


Facebook – Candice Cane

FB page– Essential Touch Massage

Instagram– Candi_cane100

Snapchat: Candicane1000

Business Lines: call or text 404-438-6606 or 404-994-9306

Check her out on Kami After Dark on September 12, 2017




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