Dear Future Daughters… The ones I birth & the ones I aquire

When I was asked  to speak to a group of young ladys, I immediately thought what I would tell my daughters! 

And I don’t have any daughters just one son, so this is an opportunity for me to actually pass down my story to the next generation of business women.

I want to plant seeds for a future of being reliant upon yourself & your community. Build from within. I didn’t learn that lesson in any school. That was a life lesson! 

My legacy to the next generation is the skills & mindset that it takes to not just be CEO’s but to also change people lives.

I want to start with this phrase: Be prepared. Be strong, be yourself, & always be of service to others.  

Being an adult is a whole new world. It’s full of fun, full of love, full of opportunity, & it’s also full of distractions. 

I got pregnant at 18, right after I graduated high school. But my father encouraged me by explaining that statistics show that most girls who have babies as teenagers end up pregnant again within the next two years, so don’t be a statistic. I was determined not to be. 

During my pregnancy I went to school, made a plan,& did everything I could to prepare for the future. I graduated with a BA in Music Business. I have been to school 4 additional times. I now hold 3 degrees & 9 Certifications. Be prepared!

There is no handbook on life, on parenthood, or on being a female in corporate society. 

I started my first business in high school, I baked brownies, cookies, & cakes for my friends. When I got in trouble for doing that( & yes I did got into trouble), I convinced my principal to taste my product & let me provide baked goods for teacher’s functions. I promised to do it at cost if I could sale my products to students from the concession stand before & after school. I took a negative situation, & not only turned it positive, but I prospered as well. 

I was doing so well the athletic boosters complained & got me put out of business. That was the first time my business failed. But I didn’t fail!  

This opportunity created a drive in me that was undeniable. It created a passion that could not be contained. I knew from that point exactly what I wanted to do in life. I just had to figure out how to make it work for me! 

That was when I wrote my first business plan. I actually still have it, I haven’t fulfilled my ultimate dream, but I’m on my way. 

God has needed me in other areas, but he promised me if I did his work he would provide beyond what I could ever imagine. 

I went from baking cookies & brownies in my high school to working in 5 star restaurants in Las Vegas. I worked at Thomas English, Wolfgang Pucks, & a few other places. It wasn’t easy. Growing up we’re told a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but the culinary industry is dominated by men! I had to work 10 times as hard as any one else. As a black woman I am bottom of the totem pole. I get the shifts no one else wants, I get passed over for promotions. But that didn’t define me or stop me. 

One thing I knew was business. I took a  personal chef business through 15 years of growth, to know being a personal & product development firm specializing in food services. I also provide a service known as Cooking Therapy. I uniquely provide therapy while teaching a life skill. I never let my circumstances beat me. Be strong! 

For years I struggled with my religion. I grew up as a Southern Baptist, my father was strict. So I rebelled against everything I was taught.  

When in college I studied religion & almost converted to every type of religion their was. I don’t want to impress upon you my religious beliefs, but I will say that opening my mind gave me a greater understanding of how I was raised.

 It also gave me insight into why I struggling with finding my place in business. 

The world is alluring in so many forms. I had a child to support so I wanted to be financially stable. It took me a while to realize that all money ain’t good money. And trouble doesn’t always look like you expect. It can come in the form of a business suit, a pair of baggy jeans, or a dress; but its still a distraction none the less. It’s a distraction from you stepping into God’s true purpose for your life. 

No matter who you are, where you come from, or where you’ve been. You have a God given talent & purpose. He is Empowered you with a gift to share with the world. Find yourself, have faith in God. Be yourself.

Find something you like to do, create value in it(you do this by making a plan) & monetize your passion. Always Serve God & Others. Go through life as a leader, lead yourself & others into a new direction.


Strip that down!

Week 4 of 4:  Examine Your Way

Want to know what I’m scrolling right now? A million and one inspirational quotes, awesome parties, great gifts, celebratory posts, and beautiful family and friend pics.  I’m not knocking all the positive and good vibes.  But what’s underneath it all?  I just want to know if it’s real.  When you strip that down, will there still be inspirational quotes and good vibes?  You know, like when something not so great happens in your life, which is a natural part of life, are you still able to remain positive when your circumstances aren’t?

You might ask, “What does this have to do with anything?” Well, if your answer is no, we need to have a little talk before we progress into the New Year.  Underneath our surface life or the life everyone sees, is our inner life which consists of our thoughts (hopes, dreams, and fears). Some call it our thought life.  This life is created by our beliefs.  These beliefs were formed by our experiences and our environment (culture, traditions, and surroundings).  Our beliefs are the expectations we develop from our experiences and environment.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed how to better ourselves, our health, and our wealth. And now we are discussing our way or our life path.  Our belief system keeps coming up as the main subject of interest and the number one factor in our quest for change. Our hopes, our dreams and our fears help shape the life path we decide to take.

Where are we in our life path? Where do we want to go? How will we get there?  We can get the answers to these questions as we remember and reflect on our inner lives (thought life) or our current hopes, dreams, and fears. Examine the results of those thoughts and how they’ve manifested in our lives. From here we can choose to reset or create new hopes, dreams, and fears (fear is not always a bad thing, we can use them as fuel to reach our goals for fear of not meeting them).  Our hopes, dreams, and fears guide our life paths to where we want to go.  If you don’t change your thoughts, beliefs and expectations, your life path simply won’t change.

With less than a week left of this year, 2018 is pretty much here.  This is my last article this year and the final of the series.  In order to make this the best year of our lives, we must examine ourselves, examine our health, examine our wealth, and examine our way.

We have to look at every part of our lives.  Not only looking at what we do, but also why we do what we do.  In this reflection we are able to get to the root of who we are. At the root lies our hopes, dreams, and fears that were shaped by our experiences and our environment.  Once reset, we can actually change our behaviors and attitudes in order to meet the goals we’ve set for the coming year. Our thoughts determine our way.  So we must remember and reflect in order to reset for this New Year.


Bank Account

Week 3 of 4 : Examine Your Wealth

As we’re gearing up for the New Year and having our vision parties, I highly doubt there are any pictures of bank accounts on vision boards this year.  However, I’m sure we will have pics of cars, houses, dream vacations and other aspirations.  But how do we plan to attain these things?

Yes, we are talking about money, but everything always goes back to what you believe.  What do you believe you deserve to have in life? Do you believe you should work for what you have?  Do you believe that dream car will magically appear in your driveway?  Let’s have a candid conversation about your belief and your bank accounts.

I’m worth it…

Whatever we believe about ourselves will always show in our actions.  If you want to see a change in your bank accounts, it will have to start with your belief system, which will change your habits and behaviors.  Sound familiar? I’m not knocking anyone’s belief but looking at my own bank account tells me that I need to check my beliefs and change my actions if I want to see different numbers.  And that’s what I’m doing.

Your belief system is a work of personal development or the lack thereof.  Our financial success, business success, relational success can’t ever be higher than our personal development.  When we see people attain success and lose it soon after, it’s because we all default to our personal development across the board.

So, the millions you want to see in your bank account or the Lamborghini you are visualizing in your driveway can manifest, but can only be maintained if you have what it takes to do so.  Success truly begins with you.  It’s not a walk in the park, but you’re worth the journey.

Racks on racks…

There are a few millionaires I follow like Tony Robbins and his mentor, the late Jim Rohn.  Jim Rohn gave many talks and a wealth of information that I discovered and continue to watch on YouTube.  One of his teachings is that of spending.  Jim said we must learn to live off of 70% of our income.  Then we can give 10% to charity, 10% to investments, and 10% savings.  This is one way to live and grow wealth steadily.  I also have another friend, the formula he gave me was 30% savings, 30% living expense, 30% business expenses, and 10% personal care.  There are many teachings out there as to how to delegate your funds. You have to choose what works for you.  Your wealth should have a purpose. Who wants to be rich with no good reason?

Broken road

Not only do our beliefs affect our bank accounts but also our motivations.  We hear people ask now more than ever, “What’s your why?”  This is the same as asking, “What’s your motivation for wanting the things that you want or having the dreams that you have?”  The reasons and the purpose behind your desire for wealth will help you attain or prolong the journey in attaining the wealth that you want. So, what do we have to do to make sure we are on the right path?

Examine your financial habits and behaviors…. This can be as simple as writing it all down, taking an inventory of what’s helping you and what’s hurting you.  Nothing is in between.  If you don’t think it helps or hurts you, simply look at the results over a period of time. Everything counts.

Examine your motivations… Why do you want what you want.  No judgement. This will help you clearly see what’s driving you and why you might not be driving so fast.

Examine your beliefs about yourself and the wealth that you want. Our beliefs are shaped by our experiences, our environment, and expectations.  What lies have you been believing about your self? Fears and doubts don’t have rooms in your dream home.

I hope this was a little help for you as you sift through your to do list before the new year starts!



“More Than Just a Pretty Face”

Week 2 of 4: Examine Your Health

We’ve come to the end of the year and social media has everyone in a body transformation frenzy!  On my time line I know I see about 50 different ads and posts for a product or program that’s “going to get you in the best shape of your life.” Right! As we reflect on ourselves as a whole, we have to look at our health and that’s not just diet and exercise.  If you know me, you know where I’m going.  We have to take a deeper look into our health if we truly want to live a healthier life in every aspect.  We want more than just a pretty face.  We must be aware of our genes as much as possible, and get to know our own numbers and how our body behaves in our daily lives.


Science has proven that genetics plays a major role in our health.  If you have certain illnesses or conditions in your family, you are more likely to develop those same conditions if you don’t take preventative measures.  We’ve also seen some rare occasions like, Bob Harper, a world renowned physical trainer, nearly die from a heart attack due to a hereditary condition. What does this mean for us? Does it mean we should just throw up our hands and surrender to donuts and pizza every day?  Pizza is my absolute favorite, by the way.  No, we shouldn’t give up, but rather we should move forward with a plan of action! Let’s look at this simple plan we can start today.

1. Get informed. Learn as much a possible about any hereditary conditions that may be in your immediate or parents’ immediate families.

2. Take preventative measures. Once you’re in the know, get on the go and start taking the supplements or doing the prescribed activities to either slow the progression or eradicate any chances of those illnesses or conditions developing in your body.

3. Inform others. Now that you have information about certain illnesses and conditions and how to prevent them or slow them down, you have the opportunity to share this information with others. The only thing better than getting good news, is giving good news!

Diet, Exercise and You

Apart from genetics, there are other factors that we must account for as we examine our health. Diet and exercise, of course, are huge factors.  But let’s not forget about the biggest piece of this puzzle; You! That’s right.  You determine just how far your will go on this journey in healthy living.  You must be prepared if you want to truly make a lifestyle change.  Here are some tips to remember if you’re “for real for real” about making a lifestyle change.

1.One step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day is the common saying. And I think to myself, neither was it destroyed in a day! Whatever your diet and exercise habits are, they are building your body up or tearing it down. Don’t be fooled, there’s no such thing as maintaining as appealing as it sounds. So, as you begin, create milestones or points of progress to celebrate in this life journey.  Perfection is not expected but persistence is respected.

2. Consistency is key. Studies show that people who don’t wallow after a mess up were more likely to meet their goals. (This is not just health wise, this is in life!) No matter how many times you fail, just pick up where you left off as soon as possible.

3. Accountability is a must. If you have no one rooting for you and expecting you to stick with your plan, the chances of your surviving past the spring are very slim, my friend. Join a group on social media, get a workout buddy, or involve your family to help you maintain and regularly meet your goals.

I hope this information gives your inspiration and education while empowering you to overcome any obstacle in life; even if that obstacle is yourself.  Stay tuned for next week’s examination as we “Examine Your Wealth!”


“I’m feeling myself!

Week 1 of 4: Examine Yourself

We all know the New Year is just around the corner and so we scramble for gifts, vacation time, travel plans, and goals for the New Year.  During this time of high stress, we should all take some time to reflect on this year with ourselves.

What did you like or love about yourself this year?  What didn’t you like or hated about yourself this year?  And I’m not talking about that tight dress you wore to your friend’s party. Neither am I referring to that special tie you like to wear to salsa night. I’m talking about how were YOU this year; your behaviors, habits and attitudes.  Were you naughty or were you nice? And why?

Our behavior and our habits help shape who we are, so we must examine them.  Now behavior is simply your actions and how you conduct yourself.  Habits, on the other hand, refer to regular tendencies or behaviors; especially those that are hard to give up.  Now, we all generally know how we behave and for the most part, we are keenly aware of our particular habits. Whether it be late night snacks or being painfully shy in front of people we don’t know.

How we respond in certain situations also reveals who we are. Your initial and secondary responses count in the reflection of your behaviors and habits.  Do you have a habit of responding negatively to situations or do you have a habit of reflection and thought before responding?

Let’s examine…

Exercise: Write down 10 behaviors and habits that you have (good and bad).

No judgement, I wrote my 10 down too.  And I can truly say I don’t remember the last time I sat and thought about my behaviors and habits as a whole and how they reveal who I am.

Now, that you have your list, are you able to reflect on why you behave in that manner or what might be the reason behind that habit?

Did you know that our behaviors and habits didn’t just appear out of thin air?  Nope, they were and are presently shaped by our experiences, our environment, and our expectations.

Now comes the real work. If you have any behaviors or habits that negatively affect your life, you have to look a little deeper in order to begin the ongoing process of positive change.

I know that I used to be extremely shy, as the years pass, I am less and less shy because I’m constantly putting myself in the spotlight in order to overcome that habit.  I also know that my shyness came from negative experiences in my life like my father abandoning my family and me and being sexually molested by a family member where I had to keep quiet.  Those experiences and that environment help set my expectations.

While I do hope your experiences were not as traumatic as mine, I want you to be able to identify the experiences, the environment, and the expectations that helped to shape your behaviors and habits, and ultimately the person you are today.

Let’s not rush into this New Year without first examining ourselves and recognizing the need for any changes.  Together, we have the courage and we will the time to be a better version of ourselves going forward into this New Year.



Are you credit worthy for 2018?

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Good Morning Life|September 4, 2017

Good Morning Life!

I am adequately prepared for whatever you have in store for me today! I am positive that I will be successful at anything I set my mind to do.

It’s MONDAY…This is the marker for the beginning of a new week. Let’s Get It!

Do you believe in yourself? Self belief can be the determining factor in whether you follow your dreams or not. It doesn’t matter how much others believe in you, it’s how much you believe in you!

Do you have a plan for this week? How did the choices you made this weekend going to contribute to your success?

Be confident in Mondays! Be confident in YOU!

Wake up with the confidence to be GREAT today!

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Good Morning Life | August 28, 2017

Good Morning Life!

I am adequately prepared for whatever you have in store for me today! I am positive that I will be successful at anything I set my mind to do.

It’s MONDAY…This is the marker for the beginning of a new week. Let’s Get It!

Do you have a plan for this week? If not take a moment to jot down your goals & make a clear plan for the week. It only takes a few moments & it keeps you focused.

Be confident in Mondays! Be confident in YOU!
Wake up with the confidence to be GREAT today!
And for other morning affirmations, check out Good Morning Life
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